Singing has been a form of communication since the beginning of man. It is an integral part of most people’s lives and can convey extreme emotion, sometimes more so than words alone.

Singers are both artists and athletes. We need the tools to be able to convey what we are communicating, but we also need to remember that it is our own body that is the instrument.

Each person is unique, so their sound, and technique will be unique to them. Beccy uses voice science as a basis for the ‘athlete’ part of her teaching looking at breathing, the larynx (where the initial sound is made), and the vocal tract (where the initial sound is ‘moulded’ to create the result that others hear). The aim is to create the best possible sound for the least amount of effort. Beccy uses her knowledge on the anatomy of the voice, and breathing techniques, to help each person achieve their own sound.

For the ‘artist’ part, Beccy uses her years of performing and teaching experience to help the student get the best possible performance in a fun, friendly, and engaging manner.

Beccy teaches Classical, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary singing.