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Why is having vocal tuition so important?

see What we hear in ourselves is very different to what others hear when they listen to us. It is always useful to have a coach/teacher to help you achieve the best of your ability. So even if you’re a seasoned pro at singing, you’ll find that gaining some coaching will benefit you immensely with identifying things could can further your performance even more. You never see a top athlete without a trainer/coach, so why should singing be any different?

go to these guys I am passionate about the voice, so much that I geek out on it with reading, studying, and practicing. If you’re a beginner I can help you find your true voice. The same can be said for someone who may be more experienced but is finding themselves in a bit of a rut. All my work is informed by voice science – anatomy/physiology, acoustics, breathing, motor learning, and coaching skills. I don’t use a one-size fits all approach but tailor the learning to match your needs. This is about you!


Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy

Singing has been a form of communication since the beginning of man. It is an integral part of most people’s lives and can convey extreme emotion, sometimes more so than words alone.

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